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What is Faster Fat Loss Retreats?

frustrated with your waistline?

Faster Fat Loss Retreats are open to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. For adults of all ages, female or male, the programme is designed to kickstart your journey to a fitter, healthier, lighter body.

Our expert trainers and lifestyle coaches have 70 years combined experience in the health and fitness industry. They have already helped thousands of people lose weight, get in shape, have more energy and feel great.

want to increase your energy and get fitter?

At Faster Fat Loss Retreats you’ll learn the most effective ways to workout rev up your metabolism, lose weight and keep it off for good.

What makes us different from other weight-loss weekend or bootcamps is that it’s not just about doing a load of exercise over two days: the whole point is for you to learn the best insider tips and weight-loss strategies going forward so you continue on your weight loss journey and ultimately succeed.

You’ll discover the most up-to-date information from the world of functional fitness and nutrition, learning from health experts at the top of their game.


like to know how to get into the best shape of your life?


Here are just some of the things you’ll do and learn at a Faster Fat Loss Retreat:

  • Understand which factors are currently hindering you from losing weight.
  • Learn what to eat and when, so you stay slim for life.
  • How to reduce unhealthy visceral fat around your organs and stomach
  • How and when to relax to enhance your weight loss.
  • How to perform exercises correctly to get maximum results.
  • Ways to sleep better, which will in turn support your adrenals.
  • How stress contributes to fat around the middle and what to do to lower it.

By approaching health and fitness in this holistic way, you will be on the road to a leaner, fitter body in no time.

join us on our new Faster Fat Loss Retreat!

The Faster Fat Loss Retreats weekend programme includes: functional exercise, Pilates, HIIT and flexibility sessions. Our experts will also share their vast knowledge of how to lose weight and stay healthy for life.

Faster Fat Loss Retreats take place every few months throughout the year and have limited places to ensure you get maximum attention and coaching.

Rest assured, booking a place on a Faster Fat Loss Retreat will bring you the results you desire. We know how to set you on the right path not only for a slimmer, stronger body but also more energy, better sleep, and less stress. Come join us and feel fantastic!

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