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Meet Your Master Trainers

Nolan Sunnassee

Nolan Sunnassee (MSc, BSc, PICP, ACSM, Biosig CE, CHEK) has 18+ years experience as one of the UK’s best-qualified personal trainers, strength coaches and nutritional advisors. He hold a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning along with another 20+ of the most highly regarded fitness qualifications worldwide. He has successfully trained hundreds of people from age 16-70 to successfully achieve their health goals, specialising in weight loss and shape change, as well as injury rehabilitation.

Nolan has been trained by nine Olympic-level fitness coaches, worked as strength consultant for Ipswich Town Football Club and has written fitness articles for Natural Health, Top Santé and Bodyfit magazines.


Katy Louise

Katy is a qualified STOTT Pilates instructor and Fitsteps dance instructor, and has been a dancer all her life. She is also the editor of health and fitness magazine Top Santé. Katy has been a health and wellbeing journalist for 13 years holding editorship position of three national women’s wellbeing magazines. Katy has amassed a great deal of knowledge about health and nutrition in her years working in health and wellbeing media.


Laurence Sandum

Laurence has been a full-time health, fitness and martial arts coach for more than 20 years.  He is owner of one of the UK’s leading independent martial arts and fitness academies and has a large number of affiliate clubs and coaches under him throughout the UK. He has won national and international awards for Instructor of the Year and Gym of the Year. In 2007, as a result of his highly successful Health Club “The Fitness Academy” in Chelmsford, Essex he won Essex Entrepreneur of the Year. He was head of fitness for Essex County Cricket Club’s first team for two years and then remained personal fitness trainer for the club’s captain and England cricketer Ronnie Irani for a further 10 years. His other passions, besides fitness and the study of fat loss, are martial arts, meditation and hypnotherapy and he has found many aspects of these very beneficial in helping his clients with relaxation and weight loss. He is one of the few coaches in the UK who is a certified instructor under Guro Daniel Inosanto, who was directly trained by Bruce Lee. Laurence travels internationally every other month to update his knowledge in health and fitness to stay at the cutting edge both himself and for his team of affiliated instructors and coaches.


Guest Trainers

Basia Siwik

Passionate fitness instructor and personal trainer who believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle.

Exercising regularly and eating healthy does not only change your body, it also boosts your confidence and encourages you to see the bright side in every aspect of your life.

Fitness has always been my passion and I love to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others!

Fitness Instructing Level 2
Personal Training Level 3
Nutritional Advisor
Bootcamp and Class Instructor

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