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What clothing do I need to wear for the Retreats?

Comfortable exercise gear is recommended for the exercise classes. You will be doing quite a few classes so you might want to bring a few different outfits. Lifehouse has a pool and relaxation area so you might want to use these facilities in your free time, therefore you will need swimming attire.

What type of exercise will I be doing?

A variety of exercise classes are provided, from relaxation to high intensity, boxing to weight lifting. The classes are designed to gain the maximum toning and body fat burning for your body. You are to work within your limits as we practise safe and progressive exercise.

Is the course for any level?

Yes the course is designed to be adaptable for beginners and advanced exercisers. We will be teaching and educating you on the most effective exercise for your body. We can adapt difficulty for your needs depending on your exercise competency.

I’m very over weight and have no fitness. I’m worried I wont be able to keep up with everyone else?

In our pre-screening we highlight exercise levels and will group people together on experience and ability. You will be taken forward at your own pace and given all the guidance and support you need to improve your fitness and confidence in exercising.

What results will I get?

Results vary on many factors, exercise ability, muscle fibre type, hormonal levels, nutritional status, your body’s health, etc. One of the fundamental aims of the Retreat is to give you the skills to move in the correct direction for sustainable long-term weight loss. People can lose a lot of weight and inches, and feel healthier and more confident from our training. Once you put the fundamental building blocks of how your body works in order, weight loss tends to happen very quickly.

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